You Got the PWR: 3 Ass-Sculpting Moves

((305)) PWR just launched in NYC -- and if you're ready to sweat, then oh baby is this the class for you. PWR is our answer to personal training -- it has that signature party vibe of a cardio class, but we’re focusing on low-impact, strength and conditioning-exercises, with an emphasis on your booty and your abs.

Our fave badass instructor -- the PWRful pussycat Katie -- breaks down some of the main moves you'll need to know below.


1. Squats with a booty band


This one's pretty straightforward: it's time to drop it low (get low get low). 

How to: With that elastic tight around your knees, you'll want to work even harder to keep your knees over your ankles, rather than letting them jut forward.

Pro tip: That band will have your outer thighs on FIRE. Push through the pain to keep that bootay tight.


2. Kickbacks


This move is ALL about those glutes -- and your butt is gonna look DAMN good in your jeans this year, boo. 

How to: The key is to keep your foot flexed while you kick up -- think about, oh, say, smashing a glass ceiling, perhaps?

Pro tip: Wanna make this move a little harder? Try it on your elbows instead of your hands.


3. Bridges


WORK IT, GIRL. This is one of those moves that gets the whole room steamy, whether or not you're sweating.

How to: Focus on keeping that core tight and minimizing any tension in your shoulders -- and always squeeze that booty at the top!

Pro tip: To switch it up a little, try a set of bridges with your feet on your tiptoes -- or with your knees glued together.

GO AWF and get into PWR.

((305)) PWR is the answer, bbz. Sign up for your first class at our NYC Village studio here.