DJ Spotlight: DJ Apryl Fresh

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Give them haters something to talk about!

DJ Apryl Fresh is all about that confident, cool-girl swag. You can find her up in the DJ booth grooving and two-stepping alongside the class with her female-empowered, pop, and R&B diva tracks.

Before becoming a DJ, Apryl Fresh performed as a singer and songwriter, so music has always been in her blood. Your inner diva will come struttin’ right out when you step into this class. DJ Apryl Fresh’s playlist will help you fight through a tough workout with a fierce attitude.

That's our girl!

If you didn't live in NYC, where would you live?

California or Arizona- probably at a Spa. 


Tell us about the first time you touched DJ equipment:

The first time I touched them was in DJ school - I went with no prior experience just a love for music and a career as a songwriter. It was a bit intimidating jumping straight on to Techics but I got the hang of it pretty quickly.


Who's the 305 instructor you LOVE to work with?

Naimah is BAE, her class energy is insane. Also, I miss the days when I worked with Hannah - she was incredible.

Djing feels great. Like a legit party - everyone is letting loose and having fun.

Name one song that pumps you up:

Early In The Morning, by The Gap Band. I listen to it to start my day, every day.



Do you believe in love at first sight?

Maybe not love, but I do believe you can connect energy with someone when you first meet them and it can have a lasting impact.


When you're not DJing at ((305)), we can find you....

Binge watching TV shows #couchlife, or out with friends, I'm obsessed with my peeps!





What's your favorite 90s jam?

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I have wayyyyy to many to name one - but my favorite groups of all time are JODECI and SWV.


What's the best advice you ever recieved?

Just Do It (thanks, Nike). It really is great advice, though. Don't over-think, don't procrastinate, don't over-plan, just do it!