Our gorgeous new instructor Amit has been dancing as long as she can remember — and her big smile, kind eyes, and positive encouragement will help you accomplish anything!

Amit's truly a hot young thang — she grew up after AOL dial-up (we know, omg, we know). But don’t let her snapchat skills fool ya. Amit is an old soul. You’ll feel a vital force, a je-ne-sais-quoi, an energy that’s vibrating on another frequency when you meet her. She’s sweeter than the sweetest ice cream sundae (with sprinkles). 

We caught up with this badass babe over virgin pina coladas, complete with pink beach umbrellas.

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Boo, hi! Let's kick this off: how'd you find your way to ((305))?

((305)) is just so fucking amazing, I can't even express how much I love it. It's such an amazing community of people that have a passion for what they do, and create an amazing experience for everyone that walks through the doors. Anyone who is a part of ((305)) in any way knows that it's a place for being free and a place for love and empowerment. It's so fucking rad.


Aw, we think so too, and we're so glad to have you in the fam! Tell us, what was training like? What was the hardest part?

For me, it was finding the confidence in myself and believing in my own capabilities but at the same time letting my personality shine through. Now I know that letting myself be me is the BEST part of being an instructor at 305!


What should we expect from your classes?

I want to make people feel empowered, loved, and the best versions of themselves in my class! I want it to be a space where people can express themselves and let their inner divas out!!

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Oh hell yes, I am so there. What else do you do, when you're not tearin' it up in the studio?

You can find me in ballet, modern, jazz, etc. classes at the Boston Conservatory! I'm a dance major there:)


Have you always been into dance?

You can see it in this photo -- little me, always in the tutu, and always with the thunder thighs!

Anyone who is a part of ((305)) in any way knows that it’s a place for being free and a place for love and empowerment. It’s so fucking rad.

Alright, now the juicy stuff: what's your love life like?

I'm happily taken by my lovely boyfriend! We've been together for over a year now and he's my freakin rock. We met in Physics class my senior year of high school, he grabbed the seat next to me and it all just blossomed from there.


And despite that bae -- who's the ((305)) instructor you've been crushin' on?

Sadie is my queeeeeen!

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YASSS I mean that's why we're all here, really, right? Let's do some fun ones. Your life motto?

Bed Bath and Be Yourself!


If this celeb took your class, you'd totally DIE:

Queen Bey, duhh


If you didn't live in Boston, where else would you live?

Amsterdam! I've only been once but I fell in LOVE, it's so stunning.

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The amount someone would have to pay you to teach ((305)) butt naked?

Well that all depends on who's taking class doesn't it! ;)


Your 90s style?

You could find me in a pink Oshkosh B'gosh t shirt and a skort with some high ass lil piggy tails!


Last one: If you could have lunch with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Michelle Obama, Elvis Presley, and Leslie Knope

Can't get enough Amit?

COMMUNITY CLASSES with Amit are just $10 and run through December 1st. Proceeds go to She's the First, helping girls in low-income countries get degrees, as the first in their families. 

When you buy a $10 credit, we'll automatically book a spot for you and a friend. Score! Peep the full Boston schedule here