((305)) might be all about the high-energy high kicks and the sassy AF booty pops, but sometimes a junkie's just gotta throw some serious side eye or drop a little snark. 💁😒 

There's legit no one who better encapsulates that perfect blend of coffee-fueled angst and acerbic cynicism than Daria, the badass, take-no-prisoners babe whose baller glasses and combat boots graced MTV for five glorious seasons. Daria was way too cool for high school -- and her fierce AF attitude is what got us through our own worst days.

Daria's been around for 20 (yep, 20!) sarcasm-filled years this month, so to celebrate, we're rounding up 10 of the reasons we loved the show. NY Mag's also got an awesome look back at the show's early years, and Nerdist has the best interview with the show's ahead-of-their-time creators.


10. For giving us an excuse to be antisocial.

9. Or several.


8. For teaching us the joys of caffeine.

7. For showing us how to love our best friends.  

6. For teaching us the difference between negativity and reality.

5. For kicking off our deep hatred of marketers and advertisers.

4. For the best one-liners for skeezy guys.

3. For letting us know that getting out of bed *is* an accomplishment.

2. For her real talk on feminism.

1. For the OG "I just can't"