The Junkie's Guide to Advanced Classes

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

You ask for more challenging choreo around here- you get it.

Junkies, get your fix with our ADVANCED class. This 58-minute class features more dancing, more fancy footwork, more effective sprints, and full-body toning. Less talking, less stretching, more grinding. Yes, junkies. Go on, smack your ass right now. We bet it makes a great sound. We recommend this class to anyone who has taken 20 classes or more.

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Want us to break it down for ya?

We thought you would.

This class is less talking, more moving. We cut down the intro to get right into the dancing warm up!







For choreo, we’re giving you the best and baddest. We keep choreography challenging, with plenty of fancy footwork and tons of booty shaking.


Then we launch into full-body toning that’s 8 minutes instead of 5. Full-body toning focuses on endurance and conditioning instead of specific areas.


Next we move into a 5 minute sprint. No explanation needed. 

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Then it's hip hop per usual, only with fancier moves and choreo until the very last minute. This class goes longer than most- it's a 58 minute dance party - then we go into a super short cooldown #SorryNotSorry

Better start practicing those high kicks, ladies. We'll see YOU on the dance floor. 



Launching in our NYC studios on Sept 18th. DC and Boston junkies, we're coming for ya soon!