8 Last Minute Costume Ideas for the Junkie With Too Many Workout Clothes

The ((305)) crew is having an insanely busy October (new D.C. studio, anyone?!?) and we cannot BELIEVE it is already October -- and Halloween is just a week away!

If you're like us, you need a costume, STAT -- and worry not, we've got you covered with costumes you can make from all those badass workout clothes you already own. These costumes are fierce, fun, and crazy comfortable (YAS!), whether you're headed to a house party, a bar crawl or your fave ((305)) themed class.

Billie Jean.gif

Billie Jean King

Get yourself some vintage frames and a kicky tennis skirt and prepare to spend the night showing the boys why there's always going to be a clear winner in the Battle of the Sexes.



80s Aerobic Instructor

This one has your new ((305)) VICE shirt all over it -- throw that on over a high-cut leotard and some leg warmers, a neon headband and your Stan Smiths, and let's get physical. Pre-party your party at our 80's-themed class



Anything from Beyonce's 7/11 video

A Kale sweatshirt and knee pads, and a whole night spent worshipping the Queen? YAS. If you're feeling extra brave, switch it up and wear those cute little blue undie-shorts with a comfy grey sweatshirt. Channel your inner Queen 🐝🐝 at our World of Nicki & Bey class. πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ



A Basic Bitch

If you're a ((305)) junkie, you're def not basic -- but that's why this costume is so clever. Borrow a pair of your friend's Ugg boots, your favorite workout clothes, maybe a Northface jacket -- and don't forget that trademark PSL.



Lara Croft or Catwoman

Really stressin' for a last-minute costume? Pull out the black leggings and a black crop top or sports bra, and strap a toy gun to your thigh or throw on some cat ears. It might not win you the costume contest, but you'll look way too fierce for anyone to hate.



Sporty Spice

Pull out whatever you've got that screams '90s, don some platform heels and force your friends to fill out the rest of your posse. Done.



Richard Simmons

Another use for those short shorts! Grab a wig, high tops and a tank top and spend the night cheering on your friends and screaming "I love you all so much!"




Who are you kidding, you know you've been practicing these dance moves since you were a kid. Rip up that old sweatshirt and don't be afraid to wear the highest red heels you can find.

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