7 Things Every Junkie is Grateful For

Junkies are always feeling #blessed and #thankful. Before we speed right to the winter holidays, we're taking the time to pause and hear what y'all are grateful for. ((305))'s community is why we do what we do! Honestly, truly.

Here are the 7 things every Junkie is grateful for! 🙏

Our Health

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Seriously! Our health is our wealth. Without it, we wouldn't be able to do all the amazing things that our body is capable, including mountain climbers and those star jumps. Take some time to thank it for all the dope sh*t you're capable of!


A Place to Dance & Slay

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Whether you're on the East Coast ready for the new DC studio opening or heading to the upcoming LA pop-ups, ((305)) has got you covered with the perfect spaces to make sweat sexy. Coast to coast and slaying the most!


The Unlimited Slaybership


Saving that coin while slaying the dance floor. Need we say more?


#GirlBoss Inspo

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From Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton to Broad City, we've got so many dope queens to look up to and they're offering us some serious inspo to break those damn glass ceilings.


Community Classes

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With new batches of instructors in every ((305)) city, Community Classes give us a great way to peep the new crew while also doing some good. Class proceeds go to She's the First, helping girls in low-income countries get degrees, as the first in their families. Book now!


Fly ((305)) Apparel All Year



With new gear launching on the regular, ((305)) apparel gives us life and keeps us looking fre$h all year long. Ready for that new drop? Same.



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They're a pain during the sprint sections, but our a$$e$ and legs have never looked better. Werk!

Stay #Blessed All Fall.

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