The Five Instructors We Need to See in RuPaul's Next Season of Drag Race


Because Drag Race withdrawals are a real thing, we rounded up a list of instructors who make us lip sync and GET. OUR. LIVES. So what are you waiting for- it's time to start those engines, and may the best woman, win! 

Zach from Boston

You know those people who you meet and instantly fall in love with because they’re so friendly and quirky and fun and like omg, best friend material? That’s Zach. The dude is riddiik. Zach is all feather boa, glitter bomb, sassafras with his loud, high-energy, happy-go-lucky attitude. Not only is he an über-talented dancer and performer from Miami, Zach is pursuing a career in musical theater and dance. And yes, the man is a total star. 

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HD from NYC

Originally from Brooklyn, HD (Harold David aka "Hot Damn!") is a singer, dancer and fitness instructor with a serious zest for life. Harold’s classes make you feel electrified and ready to carpe the m*thereffin diem. Take his class and you’ll feel like you’re having some mystifying out-of-body experience. Plus, Harold is an active performer in NYC and certified KM BODY fitness trainer to boot. 

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Chris from NYC

When Chris moves, the world stops.  Bottled into his pint-sized frame is a world of indomitable energy and powerful intention. Go hard or go home, boy. Chris’s penetrative focus and soulful strength motivate you to go the extra mile. Chris is one of those rare breeds of humans who is both extremely positive and energetic and also, incredibly grounded and approachable. Plus, he's a 200HR yoga certified yoga instructor and avid yogi. 

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Byron from DC

With an uncanny joie de vivre and wild sense of humor, Byron is the first to let loose on the dance floor at a party. This fly fella is famous for his smile-and-sweat inducing workouts. Byron is pure love and humor and will make you feel 100% comfortable in class. Byron has toured internationally as a dancer with stars like Mya. SO, yeah, he's kind of iconic. 

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Deaton from NYC

Hailing from North Carolina, Deaton is not your typical southern belle. Between every "y'all," Deaton serves endless energy and positivity, flaunting his fab-u-lous-ness around. After playing competitive tennis across the U.S., Deaton now runs road races at the elite amateur level, having completed his last 26.2 mile marathon in under 6 minute miles. So honey, you better be ready to WERK. 


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