5 Hilarious Podcasts to get you through the last bit of winter gloom

We thought it was finally getting warmish, but it looks like the grey skies of winter and familiar ice-cold-bursts-of-wind-that-smack-you-in-the-face-when-you-turn-the-corner are staying a little bit longer. To beat the winter blues, we rounded up our favorite LOL, actually rolling on the floor laughing, funny podcasts to brighten your morning commute/laundry day/train ride to and from the 305 studio / [insert activity here]. 

1. 2 Dope Queens

giphy (12).gif


Honestly, the title speaks for itself. 

But if you MUST know, Jessica Williams (former correspondent on the Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson (writer on Broad City) give their hilarious takes on everything under the sun and features some of their favorite stand up comedians. As they say on the show, YQY (translation: Yasss, queen, yasss).

2. Sooo Many White Guys

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This is another Phoebe Robinson (yes, we play favorites) production that we just can't stop listening too. Each episode she gets real with a different guest- all performers, musicians, authors and artists who are killing it in their fields- about their craft and what their experience as a minority in the creative industry is like. White guys not included. 

3. Mystery Show

This show solves important mysteries. Like mysteries you can't just google. Like "how do you return a 30 year old belt buckle you find in the street to its rightful owner?" or "if no one has heard of this budding author, then why was Britney Spears photographed with her book?" 

Drag Race season is almost upon us, but in the meantime we like to get our fix of fierceness here. Ru Paul joins longtime friend and cohost Michelle Visage, in an interview series with the show's former queens, celebrities guests and widely acclaimed icons. The show is funny, interesting and inspirational- just the way we like it.

You betta werk!

5. How Did This Get Made

There are magazines, books, posters, instagram accounts and entire awards shows dedicated to praising good movies, but the creators of this podcast took it upon themselves to ask the hard hitting question, "How did this terrible movie get made?" May we recommend episode #67 analyzing Sharknado? Or perhaps, episode #150 looking at Grease 2 is more your style?