Passover Post: The 4 Questions according to 305

Chag Sameach! It's the time of year again (Passover lol), so we're giving you the refresher course of The 4 Questions: 305 style- just in time for tonight's seder. 

1) Usually we never dip it low, but tonight we are dippin' it low TWICE??? WTF?

Tonight as we dip the potato/celery/insert other vegetable here, the salt water reminds us of the tears the Jewish people cried while in Egypt as slaves. And you know that fruit/nut paste? It's called charoset and that's supposed to remind us of the cement we we're forced to mix to create bricks for construction. 

Plus, dipping food is a sign of luxury a.k.a. freedom. Slaves and the poor were known to eat dry (undipped) foods. 

2) Wait a minute- we can only eat matzah??? Where's the challah????

You got that right. Matzah only. When the Jewish people fled Egypt to escape slavery, they did not have time to let the bread rise, so we eat this in memory of their journey to freedom. 

3) Ok and now you're telling me we can't eat our regular veggies and we gotta eat maror?? What even is maror?

Maror = bitter herbs. We eat them because the bitterness reminds us of those horrible, dark years in Egypt the Jewish people lived as slaves. It's a metaphor, duh!  

4) So, usually we spend a whole meal sitting at the table? Why do we have to recline tonight?

You know how in movies old-timey kings and queens are always seen eating and drinking laying down? We celebrate our freedom by laying down like that. #royalty