((305)) Herstory for ((305)) Day

via @hanseltanner 

via @hanseltanner 

((305)) DAY IS COMING Y’ALL (on 3/05, duh) and we can’t wait to see you and your +2s in class to help us celebrate! It’s be major and you know we gonna do it up real big in all three of our main cities. Book your spots now!

Also we got P-Poppin Pop Ups in Miami on 3/12 and 3/13 and in LA on 3/24 and 3/25 so we giving you serious madness in March to rally around.

To get you and your besties ready for ((305)) Day, we giving some quick herstory about ((305)) so you can sounds like the totally obsessed junkie that we know you are!

Getting to ((305))
The class has gone through different iterations to be the amazing cardio workout that you’ve come to love. Some of the other names and iterations include Studio Mio and Body Rox.

The beginnings of ((305)) started back in 2008 by Sadie Kurzban while she was an undergrad at Brown University. She saw that there were no Zumba offerings at the school’s gym and asked to begin leading the classes to get them on the schedule.


The real idea for ((305)) came to her after a night partying on SoBe with a best friend. They went home that night 4am and googled "how to start a business."


((305)) is the area code of Sadie’s hometown of Miami 🌴. The class definitely represents what Miami is all about in the DJ, the lights, the rave environment, the cool, sexy, hot ambiance that’s created each class.

However – it gets deeper as Miami was also an inspiration in helping Sadie understand the values that shaped the brand. She wanted to name the brand after the place where she felt most vulnerable and powerless, as an homage to the difficult spiritual work we must do as we grow older. 

Before having dedicated studio spaces, classes have been held at different venues, including a Hillel! 🕍 Mazel!


Currently there are 32 instructors and 22 DJs across three cities. All together, we have approximately 160 classes per week. As you know, the DJ and Instructors are super important as they work together to create the experience of an amazing, sweaty, sexy class that you love.


Behind the scenes and on the ground, there are 5 full-time staff members, a CFO, a Director of Operations, studio managers and asst. studio managers, and Master DJ/Graphic Designer who all help to make ((305)) run as smoothly as possible for instructors, DJs, and clients!

Not #AlternativeFacts
Y’all are the ❤️️ of ((305)), making it such a vibrant community. We can’t wait for you to see what else we got poppin’ up soon!

((305)) has positively changed lives and it goes well-beyond just losing weight. Junkies are always sharing stories about how class has helped them feel more connected, focused, energized, and positive than when they walked in through the studio doors.

via @shadigarman

via @shadigarman

Y’all LOVE us and we feel it so much. From junkies who come to class every week to subscribers soaking up all the news from the weekly newsletter, y’all really can’t get enough of ((305)) and we’re so grateful! Mwah!

Currently, over 30,000 people have taken this class! and we have over 3,500 weekly bookings. Hot Damn!

Plans for 2017 include opening more studios in DC and NYC! 

We'll see you and your squirrel friends on March 5, 2017!