Git In The Know With 305 Flow

305 Yogis – We’ve heard you loud and clear!  After experimenting with our yoga classes over the past few months, we’ve heard your feedback and taken it to create a brand spanking new class to get your heart, mind, and soul pumping; introducing 305 FLOW.

305 Flow is the buzzed-about, sweat-inducing, no-nonsense yoga class you need, being offered exclusively at our NYC Village studio. At $18/class, these awesomely affordable classes offer a perfect compliment to our high-intensity, high-impact cardio. Book your spot now!

To give you 411, we chatted with 305 Flow’s Creative Director Chris SantaMaria to get the lowdown on what the new class is all about and why you should take it ASAP!

So what is 305 FLOW?

305 Flow is a vigorous and energizing heated open level vinyasa yoga class. This heated yoga class is dance-inspired and movement based and great for beginners. The heat will be cranked up in every class, so it'll have you breathing deeply, feeling sexy, and oh, so wet 💦

Like 305 Cardio and Sculpt, will music be part of the class?

Musicality and breath are both key elements in this class. With creative sequencing, a sick-ass soundtrack made up of slow jams and R&B, this class will you build strength, flexibility and overall awareness throughout your entire body.

Why should you start doing yoga?
Yoga makes you feel sexy, strong & empowered. It's a secret weapon alongside anything and everything you do physically.

How does Yoga differ from other forms of exercises?

It will have you feeling yourself. Yoga is your chance to slow things down a bit as you get to move your body in different ways. This class is challenging not only physically, but also mentally & emotionally.

Taking 305 always helps me feel empowered. Will I get that from 305 Flow?

While being pushed to your edge, instructors will help you access qualities you thought you lacked so you leave the room feeling grounded, focused and ready to take over the world.

Who’s the squad that’ll be leading 305 Yoga?

Yogi #SquadGoals

Yogi #SquadGoals

We've got seven badass instructors leading the charge: Kirra, Ashley, Matty, Maria, Lindsey, Liz, and myself. With over 15 weekly classes to choose from, you're sure to get your flex-ability on. 

If you were a yoga pose, what would you be?

Handstand for sure. I love a challenge and handstand is one of those poses that requires strength, balance and intense focus. And being an out-of-his-mind Gemini, turning myself upside-down gives me the focus I need and keeps me grounded and approachable...and it's f*cking fun. 

Baby bend ovahhhh

Baby bend ovahhhh

True or false: Yoga makes you better in bed? If true, how?

110% TRUE: Yoga helps with muscle mobility, endurance, strength and flexibility. It helps you become more aware of your entire body inside and out. It can help increase power, control and overall range of motion. So, get the picture. 

How do you be chill AF for savasana?

I completely let go of control. My thoughts, my body and my breath. I allow my body to relax entirely. It's really about finding that sweet spot between sleep and being awake. That moment right before you fall asleep. That's savasana. 

Is yoga made for people of all body types?

Every BODY can practice yoga. Yoga isn't about being the strongest or most flexible. If you can walk in the room, roll out your mat, sit and breathe then the hard part is over. 


If 305 cardio is like a night out drunk with your girlfriends, then 305 FLOW is like....(fill in the blank)
305 FLOW can be two things: your pre-game before you go out and get wasted or the cure to your hangover.

If 305 Cardio makes you feel like Beyonce, then 305 FLOW makes you feel like...(fill in the blank)
RIHANNA (305 FLOW the gateway drug to all it fits)

Would you rather: do 305 FLOW then cardio or 305 CARDIO then 305 FLOW?
305 FLOW after a 305 CARDIO is the perfect couple. Start with 305 SCULPT if you really wanna get crazy.

Would you rather: take 305 FLOW naked with your mother-in-law next to you or eat chicken pot pie and then take 305 Cardio?
I'd most definitely take 305 FLOW naked with my mother-in-law next to me over being vomitory in 305 CARDIO.

305 Flow Creative Director, Chris Santamaria

305 Flow Creative Director, Chris Santamaria

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