305 Fitness
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Your First time

OMG!!!! If you’re reading this, it’s too late. We already f***ing love you. By taking your first 305 class, you’re getting welcomed into the most uplifting, inclusive, and accepting community of Junkies in fitness. You can totally sit with us.

305 is more than an addictive 55-minute cardio dance party. It’s a safe space where you can release your inhibitions, let your freak flag fly, and meet open-minded people while getting stronger and happier. In an industry obsessed with scales and calories, we’re all about twerking hard while loving and appreciating our bodies exactly the way they are.


Bishhhhh if we had a dime for every time we heard this one. You do not need to be a dancer to kick ass at 305. It’s not a dance class, it’s a dance party. No complicated choreography to memorize. Our instructors guide you through every move so class is always easy to follow.


⚡️ Let’s talk class structure. We’ll getcha warmed up for the first 10 minutes, then you’ll sweat it out with some easy-to-follow choreo, break for toning, spike that heart rate with a high-intensity sprint, and then dance it out real cute with hip-hop and more choreo ‘til the end of class. Fastest workout class of your life. Yes? Yaaaaaas!

⚡️ You’ll wanna show up 15 minutes before class to get situated and snap that pre-class selfie.

⚡️ We recommend newbies stand toward the middle of the second row, so you can see the instructor from all angles.

⚡️ The instructor turns the room around. When you hear a “WOOP WOOP,” follow the crowd and turn it out.

⚡️ You’re always welcome to modify to your fitness level, grab water at any time, and take breaks whenever you need to. Listen to your bod.

⚡️ Remember: *literally* nobody’s watching you, ‘cuz everyone’s too busy watching their own sexy selves in the mirror! Plus, it’s like, pretty dark, and the DJ does crazy stuff with the lights.


👄 Yes henny!!!!! Make sure you’ve purchased class credits. Helloooooo, New Client Special!

👄 Book that spot, kween! If you need help choosing a class, call one of our studios or take this cute quiz: NYC | DC | BOS

👄 Pack your bags, babe. Bring athletic sneakers and a supportive bra. We’ve got showers, lockers, snax, and free high-fives for ya.

👄 Under 18? We need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver giving you the green light to take class! NYC | DC | Boston | LA

👄 Between the ages of 9-14? Check out our CARDIO Generation 305 classes. Must be 13 years of age to participate in a classic CARDIO class.

👄 Learn these three moves to get a leg up on choreo before the beat drops! See you on the dance floor!